Toolkit: How to Talk to Your Child’s School About Safer Disinfectants

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Keeping kids safe and healthy at school is a top priority for educators, administrators, and — of course — parents and guardians. But while teachers prioritize the health of our students, unfortunately many of the disinfecting products used at our schools often contain harmful chemicals that can actually put children’s health at risk. Thankfully, there are numerous products that are safer and just as effective (or more so) at killing bacteria and viruses — including COVID-19.

This toolkit is designed to help start the conversation with your children’s caregivers, educators and school administrators about harmful cleaners and disinfectants — while also providing helpful resources, sensible solutions and best-practice protocols that will reduce exposures to toxic chemicals, and help keep not only our kids, but our educators and the hard working people who clean our schools, healthy and safe.

A look inside:

  • Sample email to school administrators regarding safer disinfectants
  • Prioritizing hand-washing protocol
  • Health concerns linked to toxic “quats” in disinfectants
  • Using disinfectants safely and effectively
  • Safer Disinfectants: EPA-certified disinfectants to use against COVID-19

DOWNLOAD a copy of your toolkit TODAY!

Additional Resources

Fact Sheets & Infographics
WVE Fact Sheet on Dangers of Quats with Citations to Scientific Studies

Infographic: Safer Cleaning & Disinfecting at home in the times of Coronavirus
Infografía: Desinfectantes mas seguros en la casa en estos tiempos de Coronavirus

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