Everyone deserves to live in a healthy and safe environment. That environment includes where you live, work, play, and pray. We reject and actively push back against racist rhetoric, actions, policies and institutional oppression that leads to state-sanctioned brutality, gun violence, and harm that again and again assaults communities of color. We are committed to working for justice and equity, and are in solidarity with social, racial, and environmental justice organizations to build community, understanding and honest dialogue to address the root causes of violence, harm and hate.

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More Ways to Take Action

Our Stories, Our Flow Workshops

Created by Shantrice King, WVE’s OSOF workshops are designed as an intentional, social, and supportive space for women, femmes, and people who have experience and/ or relationship with menstruation to hold real conversations their periods, health, and bodies. Learn more.


hand rash

Contact the FDA About an Adverse Reaction

Under current law, companies are not required to report any safety concerns or product complaints they have received from customers to the FDA. The FDA needs to hear from you! And it’s easier than you might think… Learn more.

Throw a Green Cleaning Party

A Green Cleaning Party is a fun get together with friends to make non-toxic cleaners from safe ingredients like vinegar and baking soda and take action on the toxic chemicals found in many mainstream cleaning products. Thousands have hosted these parties across the nation. Join them today!


Join PAQ action group!

People Against Quats (PAQ) is a national action group of concerned people who are working to eliminate or reduce public exposure to quats in places like schools, gyms, apartment buildings and public work places. Many PAQ are parents who are working to make change in their local schools and childcare facilities. Learn more!


Join in the conversation about menstrual equity. By creating dialogues about very real and normal things people go through, such as menstruating, we are effectively dismantling the stigma (de-stigmatizing) of menstruation. Learn more on our Menstrual Equity page.

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Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Start a fundraiser for WVE on Facebook. Whether it’s for your birthday or just for the heck of it, let your friends and family know why taking on toxic chemicals is important to you and make it easy for them to give on Facebook. Click here.

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