Has Your Health Been Harmed by Toxic Chemicals? Share Your Story!

When you share your experiences, it not only changes people who connect with your story, it also changes you. When people share their personal stories on a social issue, they become more invested in that issue because it is now theirs (Beautiful Rising.org). What’s more, it is contagious: Sharing leads to sharing leads to sharing and helps communities and individuals connect over similarities and differences.

We want to hear from you! Tell us, how have exposures to harmful chemicals impacted your health?

And if you are interested, WVE can also help you amplify your story in the media, or with policy and decision makers.

air fresheners and asthma

SUBMIT Your Fragrance Story

Exposure to Fragrance

Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create modern day fragrances for our products, and some of these chemicals have been linked to health impacts ranging from eye and skin irritation to hormone imbalance and increased risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, these ingredients are kept secret – the vast majority of manufacturers currently are not disclosing fragrance ingredients on websites or on the product label.

There are many people whose health has been impacted by fragrance ingredients. Are you one of them?  Submit your story – click here.

Concerned about toxic chemicals in Summer's Eve products

SUBMIT Your Summer’s Eve Story

Adverse Reactions to Summer’s Eve Products

Summer’s Eve is a popular personal care brand markets its wipes, washes, and more as “must-haves” for both health and self-image. They capitalize on the blatant and absurd underlying message that vaginas are dirty and in need of cleansing. What’s worse: with names like “Island Splash” these products may sound refreshing, but they can contain hidden toxics.

Have you had a bad reaction to Summer’s Eve products?  Submit your story now!


Women's Health Rally in Washington DC

SUBMIT Your Period Story

Your Period Story

The culture of shame that surrounds periods and reproductive health is changing – thanks to so many dedicated activists, advocates, organizations, researchers, reporters and forward-thinking businesses. And thanks to you. But there is still more work to be done! The more we can help get the conversation into the mainstream, the more we can move the mainstream!

Do you want to change the culture around periods and menstruation? Share your period story – click here.

washing the windows

SUBMIT Your Cleaning Story

Made the Switch to Safe Cleaning

Certain chemicals in cleaning products have been linked to fertility problems, birth defects, increased risk of breast cancer, asthma and respiratory disorders, and hormone disruption. What’s more, there is no federal law requiring cleaning product companies to list all the ingredients in their products on the label.  Which means companies can keep toxic chemicals a secret from you.

Are you domestic worker, a teacher, and/or a parent who has switched to safe cleaning products. What has been your experience? Submit your story now!

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