Skip sunbathing, use tanning lotion, doctors say.

Armed with a fake tan, government-funded researchers have found they can get women to cut back on sunbathing. The message is an old one, despite the new looks: Too much of the sun's ultraviolet radiation will turn your skin into a crinkly patch of leat...

Study: Eating tofu to fight tumors?

Soy may be good for the heart, but if you're trying to keep the ticker healthy and happen to be a breast cancer patient as well, then it's not so clear how beneficial soy products may be for you.

The dark side of beauty?

In recent years, watchdog organizations like the Environmental Working Group and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have released reports looking at chemicals and additives in makeup, hair and skin products.

Gene sweeps nets female cancer clues.

A huge international research effort has pinpointed an area of genetic variation that is linked to developing both breast and ovarian cancer. Two studies published today in Nature Genetics separately found that changes in a stretch of chromosome 19 are...
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