Climate change policy ignores women farmers.

Research has shown that women are more likely to feel the effects of climate change because they have less access to resources. Changing weather patterns increase poor women’s work burden on gathering water and firewood.

Bad life habits raise your risk of getting cancer.

Whenever discussion arises about Delaware's higher-than-average cancer rate, the state's history of high pollution levels and environmental contaminants are usually cited as anecdotal – if not scientific – reasons. There's not nearly as much talk a...

Company cited often for lead in jewelry.

As Americans buy more and more products from China and other countries with weaker consumer safety regulations, the case of Rainbow Apparel shows the persistence of lead contamination and, in turn, the potential dangers for unsuspecting consumers.

Trying to understand our chemical exposure.

Our modern-day environment is loaded with man-made chemicals. What's the health fallout of this? In some cases, such as those for lead and mercury, the effects of environmental chemicals are clear. Not so much for others, such as bisphenol A and flame ...
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