Baby milk in new scare.

Shanghai industrial and commercial watchdogs said yesterday they were paying close attention to the local market after China-produced Synitra baby formula was reported as causing unusually early sexual development in infants in several provinces on the...

All pregnant women should get flu shot, say ob-gyns.

Despite landing in the hospital more often if they catch the flu, no more than a quarter of pregnant women in the U.S. get vaccinated against it. There have been no reports of side effects from thimerosal in pregnant women or their babies, but it is re...

Cancer risk can be cut with good habits.

There was a time when "cancer" was a word that was only whispered in polite society. It was the devastating, invidious illness that almost nothing could be done about. Today, we know a great deal more about cancer - yet many of us are still reluctant to engage the topic in our daily lives.
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