Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Check out these practical and simple tips to help you avoid toxic chemicals in your everyday life.

DIY nontoxic cleaning recipes

DIY Recipes

WVE’s non-toxic recipes are safe, healthy, and good for your wallet, too!


15 Toxic Trespassers

Chemicals linked to women’s health problems + how to avoid them


10 Steps to Reduce Exposure

Practical tips for getting toxic chemicals out of your home

Product testing of 20 top cleaning products


In depth reports on the chemicals of concern found in products.

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Fact Sheets

User-friendly guides to help reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals.

No Secrets MedResWeb

No Secrets: Safer Products

Businesses that share our values in creating a toxic free future for all!

2013 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide cover

Non-Toxic Shopping Guides

Responsible choices without compromising the fun of gift-giving!

Feminine Care Products

Feminine Care Products

Toxic chemicals have no place in these products. Period.

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Cleaning Products

Useful resources to help avoid hidden toxic chemicals in cleaners

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Nail + Hair Salons

Make sure that products you’re putting on your body are safe

Pregnant woman fact sheet


Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemicals Before, During, and After Pregnancy

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Fragrance Ingredients

Secret Scents – the Allergens Hiding in Your Scented Products

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Tips of the Month

Simple, straight-forward monthly tips for avoiding toxic chemicals