Californians - TAKE ACTION to end toxic fragrance secrets!

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Californians – TAKE ACTION to end toxic fragrance secrets!

Update 9.30.20: VICTORY!!!! Gov. Newsom just signed historic SB312 into law – making California first in the world to require disclosure of secret toxic fragrance and flavor chemicals in cosmetics! Learn more.



Great news! SB 312, the Fragrance and Flavors Right to Know Act, has passed the California legislature. The bill requires corporations to disclose toxic ingredients in fragrance to the state of California’s Safe Cosmetics Program to be publicly available in a searchable database.

But we haven’t crossed the finish line yet. We need Governor Newsom to sign the bill into law. Will you take a moment to raise your voice and tell him YOU have the right to know about toxic ingredients?

Right now, it is legal for corporations to keep this information a secret from you with dire consequences. Fragrance can contain ingredients harmful to our health like phthalates, styrene, lilial, xylenes. These chemicals and others are linked to cancer, infertility, birth defects, and more. It’s unacceptable that corporations are allowed to keep these ingredients a secret.

This is why we need SB 312 signed into law. Please contact Governor Newsom today!

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