Tell Playtex and Stayfree to Detox the Box!

Take action for safer tampons and pads

Tell Playtex and Stayfree to Detox the Box!

WVE’s commissioned independent testing of scented Playtex Sport tampons and Stayfree pads turned up hidden carcinogens, reproductive toxins and irritants.

This is unacceptable and underscores the need for companies to be more accountable and transparent about the safety of their products!!

Take action and tell Edgewell Personal Care, the makers of Stayfree and Playtex, to put our health first!

We are calling on Stayfree and Playtex to:

  • Disclose all ingredients online and on the product packaging
  • Stop using fragrance in tampons and pads
  • Disclose how the company assesses ingredients for safety
  • Prevent contamination in the supply chain

TAKE ACTION! Tell Stayfree and Playtex that we deserve better — and that toxic chemicals don’t belong in menstrual products. Period.

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