Gov Cuomo, Sign Child Safe Products Act into Law!

protect children from toxic products

New Yorkers: Urge Gov Cuomo to Sign Child Safe Products Act into Law!

It’s simple: products meant for children should be safe for children! Yet we lack strong laws and rules to ensure children’s products are made free of harmful chemicals. Fortunately, New York State is poised to lead the way!

The Child Safe Products Act (A. 06296-A/S 501-B), sponsored by Senator Kaminsky and Assemblymember Englebright, requires product makers to disclose chemicals of concern and restricting some of the most harmful, the Child Safe Products Act (CSPA) is a tremendous step forward. Through your support, the initiative passed both houses of the legislature!

But for the bill to become law, Governor Cuomo must sign it. He needs to hear from you. He needs to know that protecting children is a priority to his constituents.

Contact Governor Cuomo and urge him to support The Child Safe Products Act!

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