#SummersDeceive: Protesting the Toxic Unknown of Summer’s Eve Products

#SummersDeceive: Protesting the Toxic Unknown of Summer’s Eve Products

Ms. Magazine
by Madeleine Gatto

Summer’s Eve’s entire marketing strategy revolves around making women feel as though their natural body is not good enough—and that, therefore, by using their products, they will become more desirable—which has always been worth an uproar of its own. But a grassroots movement demanding more accountability from the company by consumers and concerned women nationwide has gotten its footing in the wake of a study conducted by Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), which found that many of the products made by Summer’s Eve, including their best-selling body washes and wipes, include cancer-causing ingredients and fragrances that could be detrimental to women’s health. None of these harmful side-effects are disclosed on the packaging or otherwise to consumers.

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