Tell Clorox: Quit the Quats!

Get quats out of disinfectants

Tell Clorox: Quit the Quats!


Ammonium quaternary compounds, or “quats,” are found in lots of disinfecting products and other cleaners. Quats are powerful skin irritants that can also irritate the lungs, and have been linked to asthma, fertility issues, and reproductive harm. These are NOT chemicals that babies, children, women, pets, or anyone should be exposed to.

We don’t need quats, or disinfectants in general, to clean our homes and keep our families healthy. In fact the overuse of quats can promote antibacterial-resistant bacteria (“superbugs”). And using antibacterial cleaners at home or in classrooms has never been proven to be more effective than plain old soap and water. Meanwhile the harm chemicals like quats are doing to our health and the environment is real.

Over 13,000 people have already signed the petition to get Clorox to quit quats! Please add your voice to this growing number!!

So why does Clorox still use quats?

It’s time for the cleaning product giant to quit the quats! But we’re also thinking long-term, we’re not interested in playing chemical whack-a-mole. Clorox needs to have stronger safety criteria for all their products, so that harmful chemicals like quats don’t end up in products, in our homes, and in our little ones. Our Health First Roadmap lays out a path for companies to improve how they evaluate and select safer chemicals.

The Petition

Dear CEO Benno Dorer,

I am writing to urge Clorox to eliminate ammonium quaternary compounds from your cleaning products, and to adopt the Health First Roadmap as a guide to safer cleaning products.

I take my health and my family’s health seriously. Quats do not belong in products used in homes and around children. They are skin irritants that can also irritate the lungs, and have been linked to asthma, fertility issues, and reproductive harm.

What’s worse: The widespread use of quats can lead to the promotion of antibacterial-resistant bacteria. The effectiveness of antibacterial cleaners, such as those containing quats, to actually reduce illness in the home has never been proven.

I also urge you to adopt the Health First Roadmap developed by Women’s Voices for the Earth as a guide to improve how your company evaluates and selects safer chemicals. The issue is not simply the use of quats in cleaning products. It is important to me that Clorox has a strong chemical screening program so that consumers can be confident that all your products are safe for people and the planet.


Want to do more? Consider joining our Parents Against Quats action group. Learn more, click here!

For additional resources, sample letters to public spaces/schools, fact sheets, and actions to help eliminate quats from products and public spaces once and for all, CLICK HERE!

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