Menstruation Matters: A Guide to Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstruation Matters: A Guide to Menstrual Hygiene Day

Bitch Media

May 27, 2105

May 28 is Menstrual Hygiene Day! What does that mean exactly?

…And there are also challenges—and dangers—which menstrual hygiene equally presents in countries with adequate or insufficient access to products and facilities alike. Chem Fatale, a research study recently released by Women’s Voices for the Earth, reports that chemicals like dioxin, carcinogens, and reproductive toxins have been found in tampons and pads. While companies assure shoppers that these chemicals’ percentage is so low that it wouldn’t affect their customers’ health, an average person who uses tampons will use over 16,800 of them during the course of a lifetime. There’s almost no data on the health effects of the cumulative use of tampons over several years, which can be a little scary…

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