A Stylish Way to Support WVE

womens voices for the earth shirts

A Stylish Way to Support WVE

Now through June 10th!

WVE is partnering with Selfless Tee to help fund our work to raise the voices of women and girls for a non-toxic future.  (Yay! Finally, some cute apparel that supports WVE!)
This beautiful artwork was custom designed for WVE members, featuring a woman’s silouhette and the elegant typography:

Live like your future depends on it.

Even better: $7 from every shirt sold supports our programs! These shirts are ONLY available for the next 10 days – so get yours now!

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There are hoodies available too! We’ve already gotten ours. And ones for our moms, dads, daughters, and friends. What can we say? We love having a way to spread the word about WVE that’s stylish!

Your turn!

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