April 3, 2012

US opts not to ban BPA in canned foods.

Bisphenol A will continue to be a part of the US diet. The FDA was forced to make its determination as part of a settlement to a lawsuit filed in August by the National Resources Defense Council, an environmental group based in New York.

Feds facing deadline on proposed BPA ban.

Saturday is the court-ordered deadline for the Food and Drug Administration to respond to a petition by the Natural Resources Defense Council asking that bisphenol A, or BPA, be banned as a food additive, which would also preclude its use in packaging.

How much BPA exposure is dangerous?

The FDA has until Saturday to decide whether to ban the plastic additive BPA from food packaging. Some scientists think BPA poses a risk to consumers because it can act like estrogen in the body. But recent studies by government scientists suggest the ...
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