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Have you ever looked up the ingredients on the products you use daily? They can be pretty scary! At Ava Anderson our goal is stop spread the message about those toxins and also provide you with the safest and all natural ZERO toxin products. visit my page at http://www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/gloriapires you can also add me on Facebook for any questions http://www.facebook.com/gloriaavaanderson :)

Hey everyone!! If you have any cleaning problems or challenges, I can help!! PLEASE visit my website, http://www.jessicatnnirello.norwex.biz All our products are free of chemicals! The Norwex mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in cleaning products and personal care!!! So not only are you making your homes healthier, your making our enviroment healthier too!!! We have products that will tackle your worst cleaning challenge!! From simply doing dishes, to getting that nasty grout white again!! We have a great line of emzyme products to help you clean! but With just our basic package (window/polish cloth, enviro/microfiber cloth, & dust mitt, you can clean 90% of your home with just water!!! our enviro cloths are made with microfiber that has polymide silver embeded in the fibers, the silver is a natural antibactirial! so as you wipe the surface it not only cleans but sanitizes too!!! You’ll never have to spend money on chemical cleaners, make up remover, windex, ext. again!! Please visit my website to see all of our wonderful, money saving products! Thank you, have a great day!!

HELP ! I’ve lived in my home for roughly bout 10mnths everywhere in the house smells great except no matter what i try i can’t seem to get rid of this musty smell in the toilet room i can’t exactly predict where it is coming from I’ve sanitised n disinfected the toilet room n toilet from unside to out ! With lemon juice, baking soda, bleach, vinegar i even put all these substances in the hood of the toilet to no success ?? What could it be

The web video was really helpful but some of the products like the Arm & hammer are tested on animals.I want to find natural products that i can make my self but i don’t want to buy a product that is animal tested.If any one has suggestions on alternatives i would greatly appreciate it!

Toni – what kind of stainless steel are you trying to clean? Seventh Generation has a stainless cleaner that works on the faucets in my bathroom but it does not work on my stainless steel sink. It is more of a polish than a cleaner. I really like a product called A-MAZ water stain remover but I don’t know if it is truly non-toxic or not. It is a paste and it doesn’t give off any fumes that I can tell and I get migraines from chemicals and fragrances. My glass shower door installers recommended it and it is awesome on glass and more. I’ve used it on my stainless sink and it works great for that.

I use vinegar for cleaning but I do NOT use it on granite. Everything I have read is that vinegar is too acidic for granite and it will dull or etch the finish. I use Seventh Generations’s stone cleaner for the granite top in my powder room. It is more of a polish than a cleaner. I’m remodeling my kitchen and I’m trying to decide what counter top to use because I want it clean but I don’t want to use harsh chemicals. I did read on the Silestone website that vinegar wouldn’t harm it but be warned about quartz countertops. A lot of quartz countertops are impregnated with Microban which is classified as a pesticide. Microban is banned from my kitchen!!

Can anyone share some ideas with me about cleaning stainless steel and making it shine. I have a client that I work for and the cleaner she uses does not work. Any thoughts?

I have been aware of health issues being caused by household products for 15 yrs and have been a product user of BioGreen products for the same 15 yrs. None of BioGreen’s Products cause any type of Air or Water pollution. Our Deodorant Mist is Natural and has No Aluminum, No Parabens, No Propylene Glycol. Lysol contains Cresols and Phenol neither of which is good our Alternative is Odor Eliminator for Airborne Germs. BioGreen’s products Kill germs Naturally with the help of tea tree oil. Most antibacterial hand soaps have 62% alcohol which if a child licks that from their hand could give them a blood alcohol level of 85% our Alternative is Liquid hand soap. Sincerely Kenton Donovan BioGreen Systems and I have a goal to Rid all Households of toxic products. The above info is 3 examples of toxic products and BioGreen’s 3 Alternative. We have Full line of Laundry, Cleaning, Personal, Targeted Supplements. Thank you for your time!


I am looking for a recipe to eliminate mold stains in cloth. I saw the borax recipe but was concerned about the posting from Perfume Pal on Nov 22 “Borax is found to lead to potential developmental toxicity. Boric acid solutions are known to be particularly toxic to infants.
In Europe, Borax was added to the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list as part of the EU Regulations (REACH).
Substances and mixtures imported into the EU which contain Borax are now required to be labelled with the warnings “May damage fertility” and “May damage the unborn child”.”
Are there any other mold recipes that can be used on cloth?
Great site!

Hi, I’m new. I use flannel cotton sheets to make a dryer sheet. I use few drop of essential oil on flannel sheets and then toss in the dryer. I make my creamy baking soda to clean sink and bathtub too. I use lemon and lime scents of E.O. I love of the citrus smell.

Hi Kirsten – You can warm your water/vinegar solution in the microwave (make sure to microwave it in a glass container) for extra cleaning power. Make sure to microwave it in a glass container, and then you can transfer it back to your spray bottle.

I have been using homemade cleanrs for years, as well as buying all non-toxic products. However, I am finding that my vinegar cleaner does not remove the fingerprints from the microwave door. Does anyone have a tip?

Also, I use vinegar/h20 and a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol for leaning windows. This seems to help them dry faster and not leave so many streaks.

Oops, my whole post did not show. A great all natural eco friendly company is H2O At Home. Check out my web site @ http://www.myh2oathome.com/kathleen. Laundry ball is amazing! And love the clay powder!

This is a great cleaning product that uses essential oils. They have an incredible laundry ball and laundry soap. Check it out!

It’s always best to get the Best maintenance cleaning service available for your home! I know I love a clean house for the family! Good luck! :)

Hi Claire –

Both vinegar and essential oils have natural antibacterial properties. Studies show that vinegar is 99% as effective as bleach at killing germs. Just leave an all-purpose cleaner with essential oil in it on a surface for at least 5 minutes before wiping for disinfecting effects.

do-it-yourself home products to clean area rugs? Thank you.

As a housekeeper I was wondering if these products such as the all purpose cleaners and toilet cleaners are also antibacterial? I have heard conflicting information about whether vinegar is antibacterial or not. Can anybody tell me what to add to these recipes to makes sure they are safe for my home owners,myself and also antibacterial. A multipurpose safe product I can make myself for the kitchen, floors, bathrooms and toilets sure would be helpful!

In regards to the homemade cleaning recipes, how long are they good for?? If I mix any one of them into a spray bottle or jar are they good until they are used up??
Also, what are folks using for laudry detergent? Right now I use 7th Gen unscented but I wanted to see what people were using!

My family loves our Kangen Water machine for cleaning our home. Our 2.5ph water has been proven as an outstanding disinfectant. Our 11.5ph water we use as a carpet cleaner, degreaser and it removes pesticides from our foods. We love it! Plus it helps us detox our body as we drink the Alkaline Water. The best investment in our health that we have purchased to date. I encourage you all to consider getting one for your family as well.

You know what is confusing to the consumer….people selling products

Vada is not 100% Natural…nor is it 100% organic but you are lead to believe it when you look at the cover of their booklet ….100% safe and natural.


Legacy of Clean by Amway contains FRAGRANCE…and we know FRAGRANCE is not good


Celadon Road


Melaleuca Wellness EcoSense refuses to list or share ingredients


Shaklee is the same as Melaleuca Wellness

I could go on and on but in all honesty it will all turn out the same

To put it the best way I can…..

If the product does not list the ingredients anywhere don’t purchase it

If the product is not certified 100% organic chances are it’s not

and if you are purchasing off the shelf in a retail store or through a distributor like the ones on this forum chances are it is not 100% Natural or 100% organic

Want to be sure…want straight answers to your question such as “what are all the ingredients in this product” and “how do I know its safe”




and of course

Women’s Voices For the Earth

Locally….shop at your health food store…they are open for a reason…they have a passion for doing the right thing for their customers

I am so excited that I found this site. I strongly believe in a healthier environment and safe cleaning products. I would like to share a great product line called Legacy of Clean. Its definitely safe and green. Legacy of Clean has partnered up with US Environmental Protection Agency. It also can be used on anthing that water alone won’t damage including marble, unsealed granite & other natural stone, laminated flooring, sealed wood flooring and wood cabinets. Check out this website for more information http://www.amway.com/greenworks

I’m very happy to have find this group of women who care so much about the toxins in our homes and products. This website is very informative. I wanted to share with you the business I have recently become a consultant with, as they carry some very good quality eco friendly products. Products for cleaning, personal use, kids and pets too! Here is the link:
It is a great business for working or stay at home moms that are concerned with the safety of products they use. Check it out, and thank you all again for this awesome informative site!

I am new to the site and happy to be here. But I would like to tell everyone about a new product that I found on Etsy.com. I saw it on other sites but I mentioned Etsy b/c I love that site. Anyway it’s called Country Cleaning. It’s an all natural soft scrub cleaner. I tried it and enjoyed using it. So to ALL the women striving for less toxic cleaning, i would recommend it. It’s not a big bottle but you really do not need to use a lot. I used it to wash my dishes and the sink afterward. I think it’s worth it. Just wanted to put it out there.

Hi All,
There is a new eco-friendly product on the market called pureWash http://www.ppiinfo.com
It is a cold water laundry unit that easily attaches to any washing machine. You use NO detergent, NO bleach and NO fabric softener. It cleans by adding highly oxygenated water to your washing machine. The technology is not new, commercially used for years. Pure Products has re-engineered it to be about the size of a large shoe box. It installs in 10 min. I understand there are some pureWash users that pump the water out of their washing machine and water their lawns. What comes out is just ‘grey’ water…no chemicals. There is a 5 minute video on the site. One is how/why it works and one on installing it. Put in coupon code ‘Green1′ to buy it for $397.00 You save about $600.00 a year on energy/detergent costs. Your going to love this product!!!

Hi Heidi –

Yes, it’s true that Tide and Tide Free & Gentle contain a chemical linked to cancer called 1,4-dioxane. For more information, check out our Dirty Secrets report: http://www.womensvoices.org/science/fact-sheets/dirty-secrets/

Is it true that Tide has a cancer related camical in it? And how did you preform the test?

Thank you this site is Awesome ..It comes all down to educate ourselves and others of the alternatives that are available to ALL OF US!!!!
I have been fortunate enough to find a company that focus on using safer ingredients in their products..

Looking for Safer Products for your Home ? Do u have a Cleaning Business that could use Eco Friendly Products ? Contact me I would love to share what I have learned recently on alternatives available on the market


I recently started a residential cleaning business after years of working for someone else. Luckily, it’s off to a running start. However, I just acquired a client who suffers severely from allergies as well as asthma and cannot tolerate cleaners with scents in them or anything that sprays. She does tolerate Murphy’s Oil Soap and does her floors and cabinets with it as well as the bedroom furniture. She said she uses antibacterial soap and water to clean the bathroom, but I don’t find that very sanitary. Pretty much everything is going to need to be wet washed as much as possible, because dust cannot fly in the air. Do you have any suggestions for a multi-purpose cleaner or one I can make myself to use for kitchen, bathrooms,floors, windows- EVERYWHERE??? I am in desperate need.

Cool site and chat
There are some doctors that treat chem sensitives
They are orthomolecular docs and some natropaths
The ones that do detox and or use Dr shoemakers protecols
There is a site for evaluating detox or toxic symtoms called the VCS test which evaluates your ability to handle biotoxin using your vision and contrast on a eye exam
It is on the site Surviving Mold and costs approx $16 to eval
If you are positive there are ways to detox herbally or medically
Keep up the good work for you and your families

Hello everyone,

I started looking for green and safe products when I became pregnant with my daughter. I used serveral different products and found the I love one vendor. They clean great and are so safe that my baby can be in the room with me while I clean. I am a hands on mom, she is never out of my site so as I am cleaning she is right with me, no fumes to hurt her. She can also touch the products and they will not hurt her.

Please vist my website, I love them so much that I choose to market them. All moms needs to know about these products. I can give you alot more information so you can see why I love these products.


Or call me 281-245-0199 and I can give you a live webcast to see who well they work.


For me, Norwex is the way to go. Their mission statement is “Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in personal care and cleaning.” Why use chemicals when you can clean your whole house more effectively with just the envirocloth and water? It even removes germs, bacteria and viruses. No more home made solutions for me. This is easier and does a better job!

Hi! We’ve been green cleaning very simply for awhile. We don’t have time to mix ingredients. Vinegar made from grain (1 gallon bottles at store)for general cleaning (put in spray bottle), liquid organic castile soap for hand soap and hand dishwashing (bought in 5 gal containers), liquid organic orange scented castile soap for laundry (bought in 5 gal containers, works in HE machines). We use organic coconut oil for a moisturizer.

hi, ya’ll.
my first time on this site. it’s pretty cool. i love that people are becoming so interested in green products. i’ve been using them for a short while and was so surprised that “natural” really works and is so much more pleasant to use! http://www.cricket.EcoMomTeam.com

I am currently using a home made liquid laundry soap that I find works generally well except that it doesn’t do a great job of removing odour from the armpit area of my clothes. I’ve started using a natural deodorant which works ok but does not keep me completely odour free, so removing this from my clothes is a bit of a challenge.
Does any one have any tips? Below is the laundry soap recipe I use and I use deodorant from the Green Beaver Company (unscented).

6 L of warm water
1 cup of soap granules diluted in 1 L of boiling water (so 7 L of liquid all together in the recipe)
1/2 cup borax
1/2 cup washing soda

After mixing all of these ingredients together I use 1/2 cup to 1 cup in each load (with cold water) and lately I’ve been adding about 1/2 cup of baking soda to each load – but this hasn’t really helped.


I’m new to this site, glad I found it. My Dad just passed from cancer so I am a huge advocate of safe products. Cancer causing chemicals are everywhere! I am also an independent consultant for a company who also believes organic and natural is the way to go. Please check it out, their products are safe and really work. http://www.myceladonroad.com/patrizia

I forgot.. Wash your hair with an egg yoke adding a spoon of rhum, gin of simple alcool or vinegar. It foams, cleans and makes your hair shiny and gorgeous. For the body, we used a cream made by boiling rolled oats a long time adding iris powder. (Now I add Tea tree oil), a few drops per day you wont need any beauty products, I can vouch for this. And you feel so clean. I am 84. Sure I am old but have no wrinkles, never used a cream even in winter.

In my youth, war meant no soap, no detergent, water only a few hours per day. Dishes came out perfect with ashes from the stove. (I and my children still use ashes when camping). Stains on bath or toilet cleaned up only with white vinegar (still do). Windows clean with only newspapers and a bit of water (still do). I learned from my mother how to make soap, but I must admit I do not make it now. I just remember what was in it and reject all soaps using chemical addition to the classic formula. However, the entire house can be clean with vinegar and water. The laundry with a little borax, and dry-clean can bath in cold water with proportionate amount of “bile” bought at the butcher for pennies in their natural container, a gall-bladder for cows or else. I used to buy “Real Lemon” in a bottle. the expiry is always too early to finish these bottles, but what a great cleaner for the kitchen.. And it smells great too. Voila!

Read an article from a study at he university of guelph that states that vinegar takes 1.4 days to kill E.coli bacteria. Dr. Warriner is a food microbilologist and associate professer in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph Ontario. To be an effectives sanitizer, a substance must reduce microbial levels-in other words, kill bacteria, fungi,viruses and other microbes within 30 seconds. Bleach is not an environment-friendly option. I have been using a safe product made from Thyme and citric acid and kills E-coli, Salmanela,Strep,and Staph and even H1N1.
Love it and if you choose to try it email gogreenwithme@iglide.net

Stacy –

You can use our all-purpose cleaner for your stove – just half vinegar, half water, and a few drops of essential oil, which is a natural antibacterial. And if you spray the cleaner and leave it for five minutes before wiping, it will kill 99.9% of germs – equal to bleach!

Hi! I have been using natural products for some time now, after an injury left me extremely sensitive to sooo many products. I found a Canadian Company called Only Green. Here is my site http://www.onlygreen.com/greengoodness. The Laundry detergent is my favourite. 32 loads in that ity bity bottle, Love not paying for a bunch of water!! The Bathroom cleaner also make that ring around the tub a simple task! Everything you need to look after your family without that chemical overload!

what is good to clean a flat top stove?

Hello All!
I’m so happy I stumbled upon this chat. I am all about cleaning without chemicals. I use water and my Norwex microfiber on everything and it will remove 99.9% of germs as it scrubs away dirt and grease. It is amazing. My window cloth leaves all glass streak free. Check out these great products that work with water alone. Plus we have natural Oven cleaner and Enzyme products to get the allegens out of your bed! LOVE NORWEX! Check it out at http://www.carolinecleancloth.norwex.biz
join me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/carolinecleancloth

5 Ways to Reduce Allergy Symptoms and Improve Air Quality posted on October 9, 2011 at http://www.perfecttouchcleaningseattle.com. Please visit my blog for more information.

Here are a few simple things you can do to reduce allergy symptoms and improve air quality in the home.

1. Dust often. Use a damp cloth or microfiber cloth to dust so that you pick up the dust, not just spread it around.

2. Vacuum with the doors and windows open so that you don’t breathe the dust that gets stirred up while vacuuming. Be sure to change the vacuum bag when it is full and keep your vacuum serviced by changing the filters every six months.

3. Avoid clutter. Clutter attracts more dust.

4. Avoid using too many chemicals to clean. You really only need a few simple cleaning products.

5. When using spray cleaners, spray into the rag you are using, not the surface and then wipe. This helps keep the cleaning solution from going into the air you breath and will improve air quality in your home.

Happy New Year!

Hi. I am also new to this website and wonder what you can suggest for an automatic dishwasher detergent recipe?

Hi Roxanne –

We have a recipe for laundry detergent, and I love it! You can find it here: http://bit.ly/uraW1o. Have fun!

Hi, I’m new to this site, but have been trying to use non-toxic cleaning products for years. I’ve read all the comments in the chat room & saw the suggestion for vinegar being used as a rinse agent in my dishwasher, but didn’t see a recipe for soap to use in my dishwasher. Does anyone have a recipe for dishwasher detergent? Also, I like the ease of using liquid soap at the sink for handwashing. Does anyone have a recipe for this & will I be able to use it in my liquid soap dispensers?

I have read your article ‘DIRTY SECRETS: What’s Hiding in Your Cleaning Products?’ along with your ‘green’ home made recipes and the comments above and have a few comments to add of my own.

Just because something is natural does not mean it is non allergenic or non harmful.
All of the allergens you list in the report (Limonene, Citronellol, Linalol, Eugenol and Coumarin) are found naturally occurring in essential oils and extracts, some of these listed in your recipes
for example:
Lemon oil contains approx 70% Limonene.
orange oil contains approx 90% Limonene.
Clove Oil contains approx 85% Eugenol
Lavender oils contain approx 5% Coumarin & 40% Linalol.

Also many of your recipes use Borax. Borax is found to lead to potential developmental toxicity. Boric acid solutions are known to be particularly toxic to infants.
In Europe, Borax was added to the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list as part of the EU Regulations (REACH).
Substances and mixtures imported into the EU which contain Borax are now required to be labelled with the warnings “May damage fertility” and “May damage the unborn child”.

Your report also mentions Galaxolide, Tonalid and DEP.
However the two materials Galaxolide & Tonalid have been thoroughly investigated in the USA and Europe by the FDA and EU Commission and have repeatedly been given the all-clear and have no safety concerns when used in fragrance compounds.
These musks are among the most thoroughly researched and tested fragrance ingredients and have been found safe for use in cosmetics products by the EU Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-Food Products (now known as the SCCS).
DEP was recently re-examined by authorities and expert scientific groups both in the U.S. and Europe who reaffirmed that DEP is safe for use in fragrance products.
While some reports continue to raise questions about “phthalates” in general, it is important to define the specific chemicals of concern, as well as the scientific legitimacy of the associated data.
Since DEP does not demonstrate a potential for adverse reproductive effects, it is inaccurate to imply that there are concerns similar to those of other phthalates.

All the fragranced market products will be compliant to the IFRA standards. This means that the fragrance materials within the formulation will have been assessed, reviewed and restricted as necessary,
so all materials including, essential oils and allergens, will be below the IFRA recommended safe usage level. Can you confirm that your recipes have been assesed under such strict guidelines?

As to why fragrance companies do not publish the fragrance formulas, I would recomend you take a look at the IFRA North America videos on the IFRA website and You Tube including – Making Scents: No Secrets, Who makes fragrances? and Making Scents.
These videos explain that the formulation is proprietory information as it cannot be protected by intellectual property laws in the same way as a new invention or technology can.


I have been using a completely all natural cleaner called “Eco Mist Solutions” I have a 5 year old and 1 on the way and have been using this awesome product for over 5 years now since my son was born. I remember cleaning my sons high chair while he was sitting in it. They have everything from degreaser to glass cleaner. The pricing and shipping is very reasonable and they have an online coupon right now for 10% off of $30 or more. They are available at dewitgreen.net. Please check it out!

Do you have a list of other laundry soaps such as Purex, Arm & Hammer, etc…and their chemical make up..I was shocked to see the cancer causing agent in Tide Free & Clear.

Thank you,

To wash my kitchen floor, I use the Swiffer Sweeper, but don’t use their wipes. I wrap a rag around the sweeper, pour a puddle of vinegar onto the floor & wipe. Done in seconds!

Kitchen sink & counter, pour a generous amount of hyrogen peroxide onto my cloth, wipe everything down, give it a scrub, maybe let it sit for a few minutes, then rise. Voila. Same for bathtub and bath sink. I have found buy peroxide at Costco is cheaper than the grocery store.

I would like to add a few comments on questions already answered…

I own a residential maid service that has been using only 100% natural cleaning products for the past 6 years. I also teach others in the industry how to successful clean with natural or “green” products as well as speak at numerous moms’ events.

Shaklees will tell you what is not in their products but not what is…so will Melaleuca.

If you have unsealed natural stone in hour home the only thing you should be using is hot water to clean it with…not steam…hot tap water. If you are concerned about not getting the germs and such put a couple of ounces of hydrogen peroxide in your bucket or a few drops (4-6) of disinfecting essential oils such as clove, lavender, tea tree, thyme, oregano

The occasional use of Borax is fine but even though it is a natural product it is still caustic and is damaging to our eco system when it is flushed away. Most HE machines can actually clean without the use of any detergent for lightly soiled clothes. A mixture of washing soda/baking soda and soap flakes will do just fine and if you find you need a boost in your whites soak them in a bucket of 1/2 cup of borax and water for a few hours before placing in Laundry tub

As for disinfecting products to use that are truly natural

Vinegar…..Hydorgen Peroxide…..Pure Baking Soda ….Soap and Water…..The essential oils I listed above….alcohol (not rubbing…drinking) and here is a stunner. 2 Tbsp of Coconut oil ingested everyday (frying, salad dressings) naturally builds up your immune system to protect you against the germs and viruses…and they beauty of using all of these mentioned disinfecting and anti-bacterial properties is they have more than one use unlike the conventional synthetic counterparts

Hi Melissa
Thanks for your question on WVE’s laundry soap recipe – and whether it is safe to use for baby’s laundry. The ingredients in the recipe are simple, just washing soda, borax and soap flakes, and the recipe doesnt require much to be used – just a tablespoon or two per load. Its designed to do its work and rinse out clean, so there shouldnt be much in the way of residue left behind in the clothes. Just make sure you adjust the recipe proportions depending on the hardness or softness of your water. One major advantage to making your own laundry soap is that you dont add any of the filler chemicals or potentially problematic additives like fragrance. That said, our recipe doesnt recommend any particular brand of soap – so its always possible to be sensitive to ingredients in soap (like fragrance). So while our recipe is not likely to cause any problems for your baby’s laundry (all of my kids’ clothes have been washed with homemade detergent and have done just fine) – its always worth doing a trial with just a few items first to make sure your child doesnt have any reactions.
Thanks for your question!

Hi Debbie
While most powdered oxygen bleaches contain the same active ingredient, sodium percarbonate, there can be differences between products. Some products have a higher concentration of sodium percarbonate – making them stronger bleaches. Depending on what you want to use it for, a more concentrated oxygen bleach may be good…or might be too much. Also – different products contain different filler chemicals, or other additives like fragrance – and these can vary from product to product. Always look for companies that are disclosing their ingredients – and if they don’t – make sure you call the company to ask why!

Is all powdered Oxygen Bleach the same?

At last, smeoone comes up with the “right” answer!

I use hydrogen peroxide for just about everything, and white vinegar with baking soda. Peroxide can be used for everything from a mouthwash to cleaning your toilet bowl. It’s the best solution for spraying down your countertops and cutting boards as it is a natural disintectant. It’s safe for pets and kids, and I’ve relaxed my worrying since using it. It is sooooo inexpensive also. Meijer, a Grand Rapids based supermarket chain has now come out with hydrogen peroxide in small brown spray bottles. It’s so much easier than hunting all over the country for an opaque spray bottle. Hydrogen peroxide looses it’s effectiveness unless stored in either the original bottle or now the new Meijer spray bottle. I live in Amway country and was very young when Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel played around with their recipes out in one of their garages. We had door-to-door salesmen back then but I’m not a user. For some reason no one in the Grand Rapids area uses the products. They’re very pricey. Someone was asking about baby laundry. When my babies were in diapers we washed them (the dark ages, you say!?), and my doctor recommended a second rinse with a cup of white vinegar. No lingering odor if that’s a concern.

Hi Sabrina,
Congratulations on your new home. Cassidy asked me to comment on your question about how to clean tile floors. I have two suggestions. One is using a microfiber mop! Microfiber will clean the tile (and hard wood) and leave the floor clean and shiney. You can use just hot water or a recipe from my book – The Joy of Green Cleaning: 1 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup Borax or powdered Oxygen Bleach. Place these ingredients in a bucket of hot water. You can also mix up a spray bottle of this recipe by cutting the recipe by 8. Spray it directly on the floor and wipe it with a wet microfiber cover. This “new” way of mopping the floor will use less water (a very green way to wash your floors). If you use Borax in the recipe I suggest rinsing the floor after washing it.

The other option is to use steam to clean the floors. This is a great way to clean tile and grout without chemicals! The new steam cleaners combine the technology of steam with microfiber so you get the best of both.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

I am wondering how to clean tile floors? We have a new home and I’ve never had natural stone tiles before. Any ideas on how to clean and shine? The bathroom also has stone tiles and some of them have gray spots. Looks like maybe previous owners used some kind of acid that splattered and burned the tiles. Any additional ideas for those stains?


I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only mom out there wanting better for our families. A year ago I found a company that helped me provide the safety for my family, with there amazing products. If you would like to know more I would love to talk with you and see if you are ready to make the change I did. http://www.workathomeunited.com/jamievigil

hello. i have tips for alternatives to chemical cleaning and alternatives to remove odors safely without using chemicals on my blog. please visit http://www.perfecttouchcleaningseattle.com for more information. thanks!

I hosted a Green Cleaning Party last spring and I’ve been using the laundry detergent recipe (washing soda+borax+Fels Naptha soap) religiously since then. I keep giving samples to family and friends and they love it too.

However, a question came up that I couldn’t answer: Is WVE’s laundry detergent recipe safe for babies? My sister has a newborn coming along and we are concern that the detergent might leave residue that would irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Anyone know if the homemade laundry detergent is baby safe? If not, are there any alternatives that would be safe for baby?

Hi Cassidy – To see the product ingredients, go to the website, http://www.myh2oathome.com/jean, select Shop Online, and click on the products themselves. If you can’t find the information your looking for, please email me with the name of the item you’re researching and I would be glad to send it to you.

Hi Jean –

Thanks for posting these resources! I was just on your website and couldn’t find ingredients listed – can you let me know where to look? Thanks!

To Alicia, Cassidy, Jen and Judy Smith – Seventh Generation is NOT the only company that discloses all of their ingredients. H2O at Home does and carries the ‘Nature and Progres’ certification. See them for the following solutions also. For cleaning desks at the preschool, microfibers DESIGNED TO CLEAN will pick up things smaller than bacteria without leaving a toxic residue. If you want a 100% Natural disinfectant, try the All-Purpose Cleaner. Sherry is right – It needs to be left on there for 10 minutes. Also, the surface must be cleaned FIRST. For Laundry – Try a Laundry Ball! Use with little or NO Laundry Soap. Economical and safe. We also have GREEN CLEANING PARTIES! Just launched in the USA. Find out more at http://www.myh2oathome.com/jean

Hi, There was a recipe given, on 1090AM Seattle eco-minute, for homemade antibacterial handsoap but I missed it. I’ve looked under the recipe section here and can’t find it. Can someone please send it to me?

Thanks. Great site.

So what do you do about the toxins that have already managed to get into your body over the years? On Sept. 28th at 8PM Eastern time, I’ll be listening in to a free online webinar by Mark Hyman, MD, who understands that toxins in the air, water and food are 2 of the basic reasons underlying our health problems. Here’s a link to a 22 min. video by Dr. Hyman previewing that upcoming webinar:

In case anyone hasn’t heard of “Pick Your Poison: How Our Mad Dash to Checmical Utopia is Making Lab Rats of Us All” by Monona Rossol, which was released earlier this year, I highly recommend her book. Rossol is a chemist and activist who targets the chemical stew we are exposed to everyday as the possible source of the recent explosion of autism, diabetes and other disorders. A topic I am very concerned about is “greenwashing”, with business exploiting the ecology movement by claiming their products are natural and nontoxic when they are not. Rossol takes these on as well. A great intro to the topic of external and internal toxins(after this website of course).

Uh Oh,
I just spilled an oil-base paint on the carpet in my car!
Any suggestions?

Thanks Cassidy.

Hi Jeff – for handwashing dishes, you can always use castille soap – Dr. Bronner’s makes a great non-toxic one!

Hello everyone,

I am a consultant for Norwex Enviro Products but I didn’t come to this website with the intent to sell myself or our products. I was doing a presentation the other night and my hostess gave me this website. What an amazing site, I am so happy to be apart of it. A little bit about Norwex’s products, most of our products allow you the clean and remove 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces with just our Enviro Cloth and just WATER. Our cloths can be washed in your washing machine or boiled in hot water for 15 minutes to clean them, they also have a two year guarantee. If anyone would like more information please check out my website. http://www.jodywhalen.norwex.biz

Hello again,
I’m looking for an old-fashion dishwashing soap for a HUMAN dishwasher.

Does anyone have any experience with Shaklee products? Apparently they tout being non-toxic and environmentally friendly, but when I looked into them, they have ammonium chloride, which doesn’t seem very non=toxic or safe. Anyone know anything? I’m looking for a very safe antibacterial, antigerm, cleaner that can be used in a preschool, with loads of germs. Thanks!

I have finally found a cleaner that is truly non-toxic and more effective than your traditional cleaners. When my son was in a high chair, I would clean the high chair while he was still sitting there with no worries. The name of the product is Eco Mist Solutions. In the U.S.A, they are only available online at http://www.dewitgreen.net. If you live in Canada or near the border, they are avalailable at all Home Depots across the country.

To Women Voices for the Earth
I gave the wrong website for Amway Global Legacy of Clean products
Try them ,they are EPA approved and clean great.
http://www.amway.com/tomtiettmeyer > At Home

To Women Voices for the Earth
I have had skin raskand itching for several years and could not find out the reasons. I have used Procter/Gamble and Colgate Palmalive products in the past.
My doctor(dermotogist) recommended that I try the Amway Global environmental Legacy of Clean home care products.
After several loads of wash with there SA8 laundry soaps, I have had no rash or itching . I have switch to all there legacy of clean products and fell better healthwise. They have a new product for baby
SA8 Baby. I am concered about my grandchildren and there health.
Amway Legacy of Clean products contain NO phosphrates, chlorine or any toxic chemicals and leave NO residue and they do a great cleaning job without harming and polluting our rivers and oceans.
Try them.
Tom T
San Diego Ca
http://www.amway.com/tomttiettmeyer > At Home

Great site ladies thanks for all the advice….

I am looking for a natural solution to clean the blue/green mineral stains in the toilet bowl. Has anyone found a successful recipe?

Soap nuts – a great alternative to traditional laundry detergents and other cleaning around the home like windows/mirrors/jewelry cleaner/dish washer/carpet cleaner and more! They are 100% mother nature, USDA certified organic and an awesome option for those with skin sensitivities like eczema, psoriasis and allergies. Please check out the website with more information and email me with any other questions! http://www.yoreganics.com

Hi Jen –

Great question on the bathroom disinfectant! Seventh Generation is the only company disclosing all ingredients, and they don’t use chemicals of concern. The other thing you can use is white vinegar – it’s 99.3% as effective at killing microbes, and non-toxic! Check out our green cleaning recipes to find one you like: http://bit.ly/lHDTkZ

A great mold recipe from Joyce, one of our supporters:

A recipe for mold:

Bring 1 gallon of water just to a boil. Then add 1 1/2 cups of Borax and stir until “all” of the Borax is dissolved. Or 1 quart of water to 1/3 cup of Borax. It must be dissolved well so it will work good in a spray bottle. Cool and use gloves. Put some of the solution into a spray bottle.

When you wipe down the surface with the solution, do “not” rinse it with water. After wiping the surface down, spray lightly with the same Borax recipe solution and that will continue to kill 100% of *all* mold spores while it is drying.

I would like to get more information on the soap nuts idea. From what I’ve read, they look like they might not work. What is the cost per load of clothes?

Looking for the best bathroom disinfectants…would you say Seventh Generation? Method? Are there others? Trying to break away from antibacterial windex. Just want something safe to use (non toxic) that actually cleans. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

To Women Voices for Earth
I am member of the US Green Chamber of Commerce.
I live in California and presently supporting SB928 Consumer Right to Know Act, a bill to have the manufacturers of cleaning products,put what chemicals are in there cleaning products on there labels.

WELLNESS FOR ALL, offer’s many environment safe products from home cleaners to organic vitamins, supplements ,sport nutrition for families. http://www.usgreenchamber.com > Business Directory >(W)Wellness For All

I’m very excited to have found your chat room! Sorry I didn’t know about it sooner. I’ll look forward to being a part of the conversation! Together we can change the world – one spray bottle at a time!

What is a good carpet and/or upholstery cleaner?

Hello, My name is Sherry Berkley and I’m the owner of Berkley Green. We are an EPA approved producer of Household Cleaners and Laundry Products. We have partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help not only raise awareness of the dangers of everyday household cleaners and fragrance on our bodies.I think it is wonderful to make your own cleaning products.. Just understand that just because something is Organic or Natural,, does not mean it is good for you.. Arsnic is a natural substance among other things.Another thing to keep in mind is the whole anti-baterical conversation.. There is no natural EPA approved anti- bacterical.which would be used in the practical sense.You need to keep it on the surface for a solid 10 min to have a kill factor.. The problem with this is no one covers the entire surface when cleaning and second I do not know to many people who let it sit for a solid 10 min.Which is why we are creating super bugs.. When buying any “Green Cleaner just make sure it is EPA approved after that it is up to the chemistry in the bottle..If you have any questions you can email me a sberkley@berkleygreen.com

I’ve hosted 2 Green Clean parties, one at home and one in the community. Not sure who had more fun, the guests or me :) The kit makes it so easy.

The ingredients you are using are great. But you’re right about the vinegar/baking soda mixture losing its oomph. Each ingredient has its purpose. Washing soda alone is a great mild abrasive and a whitener. Borax can also be an abrasive, and fights mold. While vinegar alone is a grease cutter and solvent with antibacterial properties. But when you mix them you get the added advantage of the chemical reaction (the fizzing) that occurs that also adds to the cleaning while its happening. Once the reaction is complete and the fizzing stops however, the solution will have neutralized – and wont be as effective. So your best bet is to keep the ingredients separate – you can make a nice scrubbing paste with the washing soda, borax and liquid castile. Once that’s scrubbed onto your bathroom tile or tub – then spray it down with a vinegar/water solution from a spray bottle and watch the fizz do its work.
Good luck!
Alexandra Scranton
Director of Science and Research
Women’s Voices for the Earth

This is probably a basic science question (in more ways than one), but when you combine vinegar with a strong alkaline like washing soda and/or borax, does the resulting product become neutralized and lose its “oomph” once the fizzing stops?

I mixed up the following recipe in a spray bottle. This stuff worked great, albeit with a bit of elbow grease. My bathroom surfaces were almost blindingly white.

2 tsp. washing soda
2 tsp. borax
2 T liquid castile
2 T white vinegar *
30 drops essential oil blend of half lemon, half tea tree
2 cups hot water

Judy – Soap Nuts are another green cleaning solution that I think would be a perfect addition to some of the other natural cleaning agents recommended on this site. They work as well as, or better, than any other laundry detergent on the market. You can also use them for much more than laundry too.

Thanks for the vinegar / dishwasher rinse tip. I’m going to try it tonight!

Following our Green Cleaning Party, I started making my own laundry detergent using the recipe included in the party kit. However I got tired of grating Ivory soap and am now looking for the most economic green commercial product available. Any ideas?

Randi, I use white vinegar for my dishwasher rinse agent.

Kerri –

Whether it’s wood or plastic, you can spray vinegar on the cutting board and let is sit for 5 minutes before wiping it off. Vinegar kills 90-98% of bacteria, making it a great disinfection option. You can even add essential oils to your vinegar if you want to mask the smell. Essential oils also have natural antibacterial properties. Check our report Disinfectant Overkill for more info! http://bit.ly/hlPXTu

Thank you — this site is great! Any ideas for what I can use in lieu of rinse agent in the dishwasher?

The WVE Green Cleaning Party Kit is AMAZING! My friends loved attending the Green Cleaning Party I hosted and constantly ask me when I’ll be hosting another! I highly recommend it and thank WVE for making it so easy.

What is the best and safest way to disinfect a kitchen cutting board? Does the method / product differ between plastic and wood?

My favorite? I three dollar gallon jug of white vinegar in the bathroom. Just a pour into the toilet, let it sit, swish swish. Flush. Who needs to pay for electric blue liquid when simple works?

Welcome to the conversation! Did you know that it’s not only safer and healthier to make your own cleaning products, but it’s also cheaper? Download our Green Cleaning Party Kit for free to see an economic breakdown of homemade cleaners vs. store-bought.http://bit.ly/hxukrO


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