Rally for Safe Feminine Care Products in Washington, DC!

Detox the Box Rally in DC
There’s a movement sweeping the nation that’s standing up for women’s rights. Women’s health continues to come second for many decision makers and it’s clear that now, more than ever, Congress needs to hear from you that your health is nonnegotiable.

Are you ready to take a stand?

In cooperation with Representative Grace Meng, Women’s Voices for the Earth is heading to Washington, DC on May 23 to demand your right to safe feminine care products. Join us! 

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email us at womensvoices@womensvoices.org.

Detox the Box

On average, a woman will use over 17,000 tampons in her lifetime, yet companies aren’t required to tell you what they put in them. You have the right to know what ingredients are being used in tampons or pads, and the right to know they are safe.

Right now, toxic chemicals like talc, formaldehyde releasers and parabens can be used in feminine wipes, douches, feminine washes and feminine deodorant products. Black and Latina women bear the burden of exposure because they tend to be higher users of these products.

It’s time to stop the toxic assault.

Join us on May 23 to…

  • Show a united front from women across the nation that you need, want and deserve safe products.
  • Show Congress that you want to know what ingredients are used in feminine care products and know they are safe.
  • Generate national attention about toxic chemicals in feminine care products.
  • Highlight the disproportionate impacts Black and Latina women suffer as the result of being higher users of feminine care products such as douches & wipes.
  • Celebrate women’s leadership and your ability to move mountains!

Please RSVP on our Facebook Event page or email us at womensvoices@womensvoices.org. If you can’t attend in person, there will be day-of actions you can take from home.  For now, save the date and stay tuned for more details! In solidarity!

Get Fired Up!

Learn more about chemicals of concern hiding in feminine care products. Here are some resources, fact sheets, actions and more to read, watch and share! Because toxic chemicals don’t belong in feminine care products. Period.

Chem Fatale Report

Chem Fatale Report

Potential Health Effects of Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Care Products

Pads tampons

What’s in Your Products?

Common ingredients found in tampons, pads, feminine washes, vaginal douches and more.

Chemicals of Concern in Feminine Care Products

Chemicals of Concern in Feminine Care Products

This list includes chemicals of concern that are discussed in our Chem Fatale report.

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