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Brazilian Blowout


California Superior Court has ordered the current toxic formula of Brazilian Blowout off the market! 

The current formula, which was deceitfully labeled “formaldehyde-free,” contains up to 10% formaldehyde. It was also found to violate California’s air quality laws for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The company has 30 days to reformulate its product to make sure it meets CA air quality laws which should mean much lower levels of toxic formaldehyde. Read more and get the latest!

What is Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Blowout and other keratin straighteners are professional hair smoothing treatments designed to straighten curly or frizzy hair for a period up to three months. These chemical treatments are applied by a stylist with the use of a flat iron, and aren’t meant for consumer use at home.

What’s Wrong With It?

Brazilian Blowout and several other leading brands of hair straightening products have been found to contain high levels of formaldehyde (up to 10%!) even when labeled “formaldehyde-free.” Formaldehyde is released during the heating process used in the application of the product. Formaldehyde gas can be severely irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat, and long term exposure to formaldehyde in the workplace has been linked to increased risk of cancer.

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Stylists Stories About Brazilian Blowout

Jennifer’s Story
I’m getting sicker and sicker with every exposure and it’s taking me longer to recover each time. Our health and our livelihoods are being taken away from us and we are not going to let this happen without a fight. Read more.


Dawn’s Story
When I was diagnosed with formaldehyde poisoning, I broke down in tears. I was so angry, upset, and frustrated – that the Brazilian Blowout company had been lying, that this toxic chemical was in their product, and that I’d been exposed to it without my knowledge or consent. Read more.


Natalija’s Story
I was in denial for so long that it was the Brazilian Blowout treatments making me sick. And so many stylists and clients alike think like I did—that the product must be safe if it’s allowed on the market.So I went to D.C. with 14 other salon workers last week to tell our stories in hopes of making change.
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WVE is a co-founder and co-convener of the National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance, which works to protect the health of the nation’s salon workers.