Fragrance Ingredients

Fragrance Ingredients & Disclosure

The Issue:
Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create modern day fragrances for our products, and some of these chemicals have been linked to health impacts ranging from eye and skin irritation to hormone imbalance and increased risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, these ingredients are kept secret—the vast majority of manufacturers currently are not disclosing fragrance ingredients on websites or on the product label.

The bottom line: Toxic chemicals should not be in fragrance and fragrance ingredients should be disclosed so consumers can choose to avoid chemicals of concern and protect their health.

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals in Fragrance

Great Lakes - NASA picture

Toxic Fragrance Chemical in Cleaning Products: Galaxolide: A Threat to the Environment and Human Health

hidden fragrance chemicals in products

Take the Fragrance-Free Pledge! Until we have 100% full fragrance disclosure, until we know those ingredients are safe, take control of your health and choose fragrance-free when available.

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Green Cleaning Recipes: A few of our favorite DIY non-toxic recipes to help reduce exposure to fragrance chemicals.

fragrance chemicals

Fragrance Chemicals of Concern Present on the IFRA List: The IFRA Transparency List (chemicals used to make fragrance) contains many fragrance chemicals that are restricted/banned in products by government agencies.

alternatives to fragranced cleaning products

Alternatives to Toxic Air Freshener: Until companies come clean on the ingredients they’re using in fragrance, try some of these non-toxic alternatives

infographic on fragrance allergens

Fragrance Allergens Infographic: Secret scents – the allergens hiding in your scented (and unscented) products.

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Reducing exposure during pregnancy: Tips to avoid toxic chemicals before, during and after pregnancy.