Feminine Care Products

Toxic chemicals don't belong in feminine care products. Period.

Feminine Care Products & Toxic Chemicals

The Issue:
Unfortunately, our research shows that many of today’s feminine products contain a host of chemicals that may cause cancer, disrupt hormones, or cause unnecessary allergic reactions. Tampons are used by up to 70 percent of menstruating women in the U.S. Other products such as douches, sprays, washes, and wipes, are used by 20-50% of women, with use rates considerably higher among African-American, Latina and low-income women. The Food and Drug Administration does not require companies to test for all harmful chemicals, nor do they require companies to disclose the presence of all chemicals used in feminine care products.

Given the widespread use of these products, the particularly sensitive exposure route for women, and the lack of regulatory oversight, Women’s Voices for the Earth is working to eliminate toxic chemicals from the $3 billion U.S. feminine products market.

The bottom line: Toxic chemicals don’t belong in feminine care products. Period.

Tell Always & Tampax to Detox the Box!

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Always padsProduct testing results show that Always pads release chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive and developmental harm. Women have the right to know what ingredients are in their feminine care products. We’re asking Always and Tampax to detox the box. Join us!

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Avoiding Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Care Products

Reduce Your Exposure

  • Look for brands that disclose all ingredients, including what’s in fragrance.
  • Reduce your use of feminine care products.
  • Eliminate use of products that may be unnecessary to a healthy vagina.
  • Choose unscented products where available (particularly tampons and pads).
  • Choose chlorine-free bleached or unbleached cotton tampons and pads.
  • If you are having allergic symptoms, switch brands! When you do switch – call the company’s 1-800 customer service to tell them why!



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