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Is Palm Oil Healthy For Your Family?

Ashley Yidlitz

When it comes to replacing trans fats, we may be jumping out of the frying pan and into the deep fryer.

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Host a Green Momma Party This Spring

Green Cleaning Party

A spring home detox shouldn’t be a chore. Make it a party instead!

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Detox the Box: Q & A with LGBTQ Health Expert

Jessica Rongitcsh

Talking about toxic feminine care products in the context of LGBTQ health.

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Our Philanthropic Mission: Giving Back to Women in Need

B-True-Beauty-Product-Image cropped

Our goal to help those women recovering from or battling with cancer.

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The Story Behind Change

natracare and daisy logo

As an environmentalist and teacher, I learned the horrifying truths about conventional sanitary protection.

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Girls Perfume: Companies’ Vague Safety Assurances

Justice Perfume

We shouldn’t need to guess about the safety of products marketed to children.

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The Question the Feminine Care Industry Wants All Women to Ask


Why the question of “does my vagina smell like flowers” is not only un-useful, it’s dangerous.

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Tip of the Month: REALLY Going BPA-Free

sports bottle

Because looking for the “BPA-Free” sticker may not be enough to avoid harmful substitutes to BPA.

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NeuroToxic No-Brainer: Mercury Skin Whiteners

lotion jar

The chemical content of skin lighteners is scary enough; the marketing is downright horrifying.

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Environmentalism, Feminism, and the Power of Labeling Ourselves


I am a feminist and an environmentalist, although I don’t fit either stereotype.

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