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Detox Your Booth Webinar: Protecting Salon Workers from Toxic Chemicals


An important listen for all salon workers, owners and patrons alike.

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Tips for Avoiding Chemicals Associated with Cancer Risks


Useful and practical tips to help protect your health from chemicals linked to cancer.

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Are Toxins in Dollar Stores Putting Lower-Income Families at Increased Risk?

toxic chemicals found in dollar store products

Everyone has the right to safe products, regardless of their budget.

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Tip of the Month: Toxic-Free Valentine’s Gifts to Love


Some of our favorite resources to help you find safer Valentine’s Day gifts!

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How-To Detoxing Tips from Amie Valpone


Our latest Body & Soul webinar features how-to advice on eliminating toxins from your food and household. Take a look…

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BPS: The New BPA?


“The easiest way to eliminate BPA was to replace it with an alternative called Bisphenol-S or BPS. The problem? Recent studies find BPS isn’t any safer than BPA…”

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Safe-Cleaning With Your Kids


Help your kids beat the winter blues with this fun activity — scrub the tub! Good ‘ol messy-fun with clean results!

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Cassidy Randall Wishes WVE Farewell


WVE’s Cassidy Randall shares a few farewell words, reminding us of her limitless wit and wisdom that helped guide WVE to where it is today. We’re going to miss her around here…

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Tip of the Month: Our Favorite New Year Resolutions for 2015

Woman in the sun

Resolutions that do good, and feel good too! Take a look at a few of our favorite ambitions for 2015.

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The Story of a Healthy Future

Story of a Healthy Future 2014_featured image

A look back on a year of raising women’s voices for some BIG wins.

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