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5 Ways to Detox the Box Like a Girl


I run like a girl, I throw like a girl and I deserve to know what I’m putting in my body, like every girl!

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Plastuck: Trying to Avoid Toxic Plastic


One woman’s stand against the polymer poisoning the world.

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5 Reasons to Ditch Air Fresheners

5 reasons to avoid air fresheners

From sprays and candles, to plug-ins and oils–it’s time to start avoiding air fresheners.

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Tip of the Month: Going Fragrance-Free at School

Cute Girl

Check out these tools for protecting your child from secret toxic fragrance chemicals.

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Why Congresswoman Maloney is Our Hero(ine)


Find out why Carolyn Maloney is willing to talk about pads and tampons on the House floor.

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Why Always’ New #LikeAGirl Ad is Hypocritical


Highlighting girl’s empowerment while keeping ingredients secret… hmm…

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Tips for Finding Honest Skin Care and Beauty Brands

Safe Cosmetics Banner

With hundreds of ingredients on labels, how are you supposed to know who’s truly being transparent?

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The Misunderstanding of Detox


Rather than enjoying the youth and virility of my 20s, I suffered a decade of chronic illness.

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A Fragrance-Free Manifesto

Woman Spraying Perfume

Fragrance is the mystery meat of our household products.

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Tip of the Month: Choose Fabric Shower Curtains

Shower curtain

Most vinyl shower curtains are made out of PVC, also called the “poison plastic.” Opt for cloth instead!

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