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Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Check out these practical and simple tips to help you avoid toxic chemicals in your everyday life.

DIY Recipes
15 Toxic Trespassers
Chemicals linked to women’s health problems + how to avoid them
10 Ways to Reduce Exposure
Practical tips for getting toxic chemicals out of your home
Feminine Care Products Feminine Products
Toxic chemicals have no place in these products. Period.
Cleaning Products
Avoid hidden toxic chemicals in cleaners
Cosmetics + Salons
Make sure that products you’re putting on your body are safe
What is it and how can you avoid it?
What is it and how can you avoid it?
Avoiding polybrominated flame retardants
Feminine Products
What you need to know
2013 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide cover Non-Toxic Shopping Guide
Tips of the Month
Monthly tips for avoiding toxic chemicals