Our Funders and Business Partners

Our Funders

We are honored to partner with the following institutions and foundations, whose funding is critical to our work toward a safer, healthier world for all.

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No Secrets Business Partners

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 Women’s Voices invites businesses and organizations that share our values in creating a toxic free future for all, starting with our economy.

Tens of thousands of our advocates are calling for change: in consumer choices, in chemical regulation, and in corporate accountability and transparency. Together, our voices are being heard in the halls of Congress and in the high rises of Wall Street. Why? Because we are powerful! It’s no secret that women make 85% of the buying decisions in the average home. We are also responsible for about 58% of all online spending. That adds up to some incredible economic influence!

We believe that companies can play a positive role as leaders in the movement toward a toxic-free future. Our partners forward our shared vision by promoting healthy work environments for their employees and healthy products and services for customers. They also commit to increasing awareness of the links between women’s health and toxic chemicals by investing financially in WVE annually. Many of our No Secrets Business Partners are also actively involved in our core campaigns for safe cleaning, feminine care and salon products. Interested in becoming a partner? Please contact our Development Director, Robyn Hegland at robynh@womensvoices.org or (406) 543-3747 to learn more.

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